Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hunter Nursing Selects Leadwise Personalized Website Platform

Hunter College’s Bellevue School of Nursing (CUNY) selected AcademicMAPS to create a new Leadwise™ powered web site to increase awareness of the academic and professional strengths of the program and increase its enrollment.

AcademicMAPS was selected as a result of its understanding of customer service and how students “shop” for colleges as well as for its innovative Leadwise™ web technology. Leadwise™ is an enrollment and award-winning on-line program that takes a college’s catalog and marketing materials and integrates them into on-line individually personalized college catalogues/plans based on individual each potential student’s interests. In so doing, Leadwise™ helps colleges create a personal bond between the school and student increasing the probability the student will want to apply and attend.

Potential students complete a customized questionnaire that keys into the digitized catalog and materials. The system then generates a personalized on-line document that responds specifically to the self-identified students’ interests from academic issues, to personal goals, to entertainment interests. The personal catalog appears on the student’s computer along with enrollment and financial aid information and forms to complete application.

The system also sends all the responses entered by the potential student to a college’s admissions office at the same time. This allows the admissions representatives to have all the information needed to “close the sale” while the student is still looking at his or her personal college catalog/plan. Admission reps have reported that the detailed Leadwise™ information and the “script” it creates has sales cycle time cut up to 34% while increasing lead to applicastion conversion up to 14%.

Leadwise™ also generates a continuously updating Student Response Management Database that aggregates all responses into a single database the college can use to target marketing, plan events, as well as potential classroom and retention needs based upon student interest indicators. The real-time aspects of the database provide schools the information they need to better target their marketing dollars to where their potential students really are.

Leadwise™ is a flexible system that is customized and personalized for each school to integrate it into the college’s visual identity. It has been shown to increase applications and interest in enrolling by 14% and has cut admission’s representative time by as much as 34%. This allows admission representatives more time to follow up to increase show rate or enroll more students.

The system was developed by AcademicMAPS and COREdataCenter in New York. Jerry Alloca is the award winning president of CORE and wrote the technical software for Leadwise™ in partnership with Neal Raisman, president of AcademicMAPS.

The Bellevue-Hunter College of Nursing (CUNY) is an internationally renowned urban nursing school with an excellent faculty and program in NYC. It is one of the mots highly regarded, oldest and most diverse programs in the country.

For more information on Leadwise™, academic web design or customer service, contact Jerry Alloca at http://www.coredatacenter.com/ or Neal Raisman at nealr@greatserevicematters.com 413.219.6939.

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