Thursday, November 30, 2006

Article on Parking in University Business

Just heard that University Business will be publishing a piece on parking and customer service as soon as this coming Monday, 12.04.06. The article on one of the perennial customer service/student complaint topics will appear on their website. May well be worth going to the site read it. By the way, if you don't yet subscribe to UBDaily or the UB monthly, it is well worth the free subscription. It would even be worth paying money to read!

In every study and survey we have done and others have conducted, parking is always in the top 10 - even for non-commuter schools. Many a student is lost somewhere between C lot, way out there in the fields with its signs ONLY FOR STUDENTS WITH OFFICIAL STICKERS. OTHERS MAY BE TOWED!!!!!!!!! and the classroom. Especially in inclement weather or during the initial potential enrollment visit.

I am always amazed at how schools do not make sure the reserved spots for potential enrollees either exist in appropriate number or are not filled by staff or current students.

I have seen the piece (actually, I wrote it) and thus I believe it has some value for everyone who may be concerned with retaining students. But the again, the piece comes out of my and my team's experiences turning retention and enrollment around for schools. And, well, keep in mind that legs have become vestigial for many students - faculty, staff and administrators too.

Look forward to hearing comments on the University Business piece. By the way, my 4 year old grandaughter took the picture with the piece. Let me hear from you at And, oh yes, Emma is available to photograph tea parties, gatherings of dolls and gradparents.

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