Monday, February 11, 2008

Customer Service as Tree of Living Together

There is a website I go to on a quite regular basis. It helps boost my positive feelings about people and shows what we can do rather than what we cannot do. It also talks to viewers quite a bit about many of the issues discussed in customer service as a human and humane value through the videos it shows. This is

Today, as I was thinking on the topic of teamwork as a key ingredient to customer service success, my weekly notice from Karma Tube showed up. This week’s really says it all in a very moving way. The short video is from India’s program to tell everyone in their country that each one of them, and us, has talent, ability and value. This particular video is an interesting version of principles 8 and 15 of the 15 Principles of Good Academic Customer Service. (Click here to request a copy of the Principles.)

8. Just because someone else did a dis-service

or harm does not relieve you of correcting the injury.


15. Not everyone is capable of providing good customer service

That does not mean they do not have value somewhere.

In this case, the dis-service was caused by nature I would guess but you and those you forward this to will get the point. And the individual value of people is upheld in the video without regard to station in life or an organization like a college or university.

Here it is CLICK HERE Please share your thoughts on it by commenting and forwarding it to others.

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