Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Special Offer on Retention Workshops and Books from The Administrators Bookshelf

Dr. Raisman. I am a Dean of a small campus in Wellsville New York that matches your overall philosophy. But as you know not everyone believes. When I read your book, a number of things struck me. Your book articulated my frustrations and ways to fix them in simple terms. The plan is to send a copy of your book to all academic department chairs on both campuses, the deans, vice presidents and president. I know it will be a good read & will help me start a discussion on how Great Service in fact will make a difference. Craig R Clark,, Dean, Alfred State College

Dean Clark purchased 30 copies for his college. Another school purchased 51 and a conference purchased 126. They inspired us to help others make a difference and save you some money.

We wish to support Dr. Neal Raisman in his mission to increase student retention through graduation. We know his workshops and training have helped over 200 colleges and schools.

We also want to help by getting copies of his book The Power of Retention to as many readers as possible as a way of increasing retention on campuses. So, we are offering special arrangements to provide the services of one of our authors Dr. Neal Raisman for free or just about free.

For any school, college, university, business or conference that purchases 25 or more copies at a 20% off cost to make things even easier, Dr. Raisman will provide a one-hour audio seminar on any topic you choose or wish. We will also help out by dropping S+H to just $2 per copy.

If a school or other purchases 50 or more copies and hires Dr. Raisman to give a workshop or seminar on-site, we will pay for his travel expenses and provide a follow-up seminar on any topic of your choice.

If a school or other purchases 100 or more copies and hires Dr. Raisman to give a workshop or seminar on-site, we will pay half his fee.

For much less than the value of retaining just one more student, you and your school will save as much as $5,000, get copies of the Power of Retention and Dr. Raisman’s services, and increase you present and future success.

And Dr. Raisman will provide a year of telephone consultation for free. We will also help out by dropping S+H to just $2 per copy for up to 50 copies and a dollar each for over 50 copies.

To take advantage of this special arrangement, click here and enter SXO after your name on the order form.

Embrace the Oxymoron by Neal Raisman, PhD introduced academic customer service for retention and morale and has been the best selling work ever on the topic.

The Power of Retention, Dr. Raisman’s latest book on customer service and retention builds on that in important ways with timely solutions to improve retention.

The Power of Retention is published by The Administrator’s Bookshelf.

"A must read for anyone who cares about retention"

"Even better than Embrace the Oxymoron..."

"A practical and enjoyable read...I know understand academic customer service and why it is so important."

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