Thursday, April 30, 2009

From Geek to Hero - A Free On-Line Seminar for Improving IT Customer Service

From Geek                      To Hero      

FREE 60 minutes on-line seminar  

May 6, 12:00-1:00 EST

Presented by Neal Raisman, the leading expert on customer service and retention


Sponsored by The Administrators Bookshelf

publisher of Dr. Raisman’s best seller –The Power of Retention


IT professionals have acquired an image of geeks - somewhat odd people who do not always touch earth while living in a parallel universe with its own communication and sense of service to customers. Many IT clients and customers complain. They say their needs and wishes are not always met. Moreover, they often state that they receive terrible service from IT people.  In fact, in some institutions, IT is rated as one of the problem areas rather than the solution providers they could and ought to be.


But then what would one expect from…geeks.


Well, we are going to help turn geeks into heroes with some help in how to best provide customer service to clients and customers, particularly academic clients life faculty, administrators, staff and yes, students.


Discover how IT professionals can improve their customer service and interactions with all the denizens within academic environments so they can be better appreciated, reduce stress and get the job done with more smiles and fewer grumbles.


Who should attend? Anyone who wants to improve customer service with technology especially IT professionals. There isn’t anyone out there who does not seem to need to provide better technology-based customer service.

Cost?  FREE. 

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