Friday, January 22, 2010

Sometimes words aren't enough.

Sometimes you just have to do something to demand good service. Here's an example.


Customer Charges Bank Service Fees

Tired of Wasting His Time on Bad Service

After spending seven hours on the phone trying to obtain bills due, correct bank errors then pay a credit card bill, customer service consultant Neal Raisman sent an invoice to James L. Dimon, CEO of Chase Bank to collect for his time and services. A representative of Mr. Dimon said Chase can charge customers but they cannot charge the bank. So Raisman is suing to collect his original invoice of $1375 plus additional service charges and aggravation equal now to $100,000 dollars.

“I have every expectation we will prevail in court” Raisman said. “Their errors and horrible customer service took away seven hours from a customer service audit report I needed to complete. This wasn’t the first time I had to call Chase credit cards on the same issues. They had not sent me a credit card bill since November but had no trouble adding late fees and telling me to start an online account to get the bills so they could save money on printing and postage to make me do all the work I am paying them to do. “

Raisman also said that when he did pay on line as he was told to do, the Chase bill pay web site had a blatantly false statement that caused him extra time, aggravation and late fees. The Chase payment website stated the payment would be made the same day, the 19th of December. But, the payment to Chase from Chase was not made until December 22 so a late fee was charged. Moreover, Raisman’s wife was publicly embarrassed when the card was turned down on the 23rd after Raisman was assured the card was reinstated the day before.

“What they are doing is artificially generating scenarios that will cause customers to be charged extra fees due to Chase’s misinformation and errors. Their poor service, misleading statements and falsifications cause Chase banking and credit card customers to be hit with deceptive service and fees. This seems be a common occurrence in the banking industry. As a result, I had to expend time, effort and emotional capital over a period of seven hours I should have been spending working to have Chase try to resolve the errors they caused” asserts Raisman.

Raisman is an internationally renowned customer service trainer and researcher who specializes in teaching colleges and universities how to treat students appropriately so they will stay through graduation. Three of his academic customer service books are best sellers in the academic world. He has retained Douglas J. Segerman of McFadden, Winner, Savage and Segerman of Columbus, OH.

“I feel that not only is my cause actionable and just, with the anger being directed toward the banking industry for their excesses the timing is right for an appropriate decision to make the banks stop these deceptive practices just to make additional profit. I owe this action to all the people getting ripped off by banks” Raisman said

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