Monday, May 10, 2010

How Much Does Your and 1400 Other Schools Lose to Attrition?

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Just about done with a major longitudinal study of over 1400 four-year colleges and universities to determine their graduation and attrition averages over a six-year period as well as their annualized average graduation, retention and attrition rates. The period is based on the recognition that students are taking and average six-years to graduate so the graduation cohorts are now figured at 150% of time of attendance.

The next step is to calculate the attrition losses incurred by each school over the six-year period and on an average annual basis using the calculations in Customer Service Factors and the Cost of Attrition book that is now available from my publisher as a free download. (Want one, just click here and ask.)

Then we can calculate the total average tuition loss nationally as well as the total enrollment/tuition investment lost per cohort. After that we will write the study up within report to release nationally.

This all should be done in about a week. But if you are interested in how much money your school loses to attrition, its average graduation and attrition rate, let me know and I’ll see if your school is in the schools we have been studying. If we have it, glad to share before the official release of the study.

Just email me at nealr@greatservicematters, let me know the name of the school and if you can the tuition for a year for a full time student and total population. We’ll use the numbers to check against our work from IPEDS and a couple other sources then send you the information you seek. Looking forward to your request.

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