Monday, August 23, 2010

Free on Your Campus Presentations on Customer Service, Retention

Customer Service Week is October 4- 10 this year. And for us that week and the next were to be filled with a major campus customer service audit for a major urban university. Unfortunately, the university had to reschedule which means that Customer Service Week for us is now open. And that means it is open for us to do a customer service appreciation special. We are going to do the appreciating
During the weeks of October 4-9 and again from October 11-16 we will provide your campus up to two presentations on academic customer service for the cost of expenses. 
That’s right. We want to give something back and celebrate customer service in colleges and universities as well as help some schools increase retention. We will charge no fee! Of course if you feel the presentations, workshops or training were worth something, we will of course accept an honorarium.
You just pay for the cost of one of us getting to your campus as well as hotel and food and we will not charge any fee for our services. We just want to help others celebrate academic customer service and retention through graduation.
This is a first come first served offer and is only limited by the ability to get from one place to another within those two weeks. And as an added bonus, I will be working in Boston the weekend before so if a school from the Boston area gets to us first, you will even be able to save on transportation costs and even possibly hotel depending where in New England you arte located.
So, contact us NOW. Either click here and may your request or call me at 413.219.6939.
To summarize, this is a chance to have us provide your campus with a full personalized presentation, workshop or training on an area of academic customer service with no fee asked for. All we ask is you cover expenses which one would be called on to do anyhow (and we always spend your money as if it were ours which means low expenses).  No fee charged. If you feel it was worthwhile, we will accept an honorarium of your choosing and be honored even if there is no honorarium involved.
We will give the same full, personalized work we always do and you get the full benefit. This is first call, first scheduled so contact us NOW! Click here and make your request or call me at 413.219.6939.


Matt said...

I'm hoping the institution of higher learning that I currently work at will take you up on the offer. Our student service offices are merging in approximately 2 months time and there are vast differences in the way each office treats customer service.

The way I look at it is that we have one chance to get it right when we move into our new student service center or we'll go down faster than the Titanic.

Neal Raisman - NRaisman & Associates said...

Matt- The way you might help get that done is to forward the
posting to those who make such decisions. Timing could be right

Matt said...

Awesome! In October you're coming to the school where I work.