Thursday, August 26, 2010

Great Telephone Experience

A Good Phone Experience
I had a wonderful telephone experience today and not because someone had read my piece on poor telephone skills although they had. No. What was so great was having a phone in the Office of The Vice President for Student Affairs at Northern Kentucky University answered so wonderfully. The woman who answered the phone greeted me with
“Hello this is _____ at the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs at Northern Kentucky University. How may I help you?”

As close to perfect as one gets. It really made my day. Thanks NKU. This is the way it should be done. Just do as she did and you will improve that all important first impression on the phone.
Response to Fee Free Presentations
I am quite delighted that a number of colleges and an agency that helps recent high school students prepare for the transition to college have taken me up on my offer. As you may know, I have decided to celebrate Customer Service Week by serving customers with fee free presentations. Actually I am stretching the dates a bit since I am offering over a period of two weeks originally set aside for a major campus service audit that was postponed.  The dates of October 1, 6,7,8 are already spoken for so if you want to get your school in on the fee free offer, make arrangements quickly by contacting me NOW.
Tomorrow Two More New Good Academic Service
Principles 6 and 7
6. Fulfill all promises.
7. Engagement starts at first contact and continues into alumni status. Engage. Engage. Engage and then engage again.
If you want a free copy of the new Principles of Good Academic Customer Service, just ask for them by clicking here NOW.

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