Monday, July 18, 2011

Great Example of Great Academic Customer Service

Customer Service training does work. Here is an example of what happened after a recent training session on academic customer service. I am sure you have your examples too, please feel free to share them.

Awesome, fantastic, motivating!

This success story is a direct result of our customer service training with Dr Raisman-this is very powerful, and it serves as a excellent affirmation of just how important “Customer Service” really is- If you see fit, please share this wonderful story with your faculty member and all other employees.

Better yet- if you see fit-acknowledge and congratulate Ann for her efforts  
Kevin Keehan

Subject: Yesterday's Training Event


We have a faculty member; Ann Morris (our GED/ATB faculty) who showed that yesterday’s training made a BIG impact on her!

Today, she found someone in the parking lot who looked “lost.”  The woman was with a young girl and she was just standing in the parking lot looking at our school building.  Ms. Morris inquired as to whether she needed help and the woman indicated that she had seen our commercials on TV and was inclined to stop by our building and “take a look.”  She began to tell Ms. Morris that she was feeling anxious about her age and that she maybe was getting too old to be in school.  She confided in Ms. Morris and told her that she was tired of watching other people at her job get promotions (while she was the one that trained them); she also indicated that she was working on some coursework at another college locally, but felt that she was stuck in a rut of general education classes that were non-engaging.  Ann spent a significant amount of time talking with this woman (Ebony). 

Ann accompanied Ebony and her niece into the main building and helped Ebony connect with an Admissions representative.  Ann stayed with the niece while Ebony met with the admissions rep and played with her and read books with her until it came time for the campus building tour.  During the tour, I was walking through the halls and stopped to introduce myself to the prospective student.  We had juice and donuts in the building, so I offered some to both the woman and her niece.  We began to chat and I met Ebony and her niece; Ebony was smiling ear to ear and told me about meeting Ann Morris, and she said something immensely important… “Ann took the time to stop and ask me if I needed help, and she stayed with me the whole time…people just don’t do that anymore!”  She indicated that she was terrified to come in to our building and discuss becoming a student UNTIL she met Ann.  Spending that one-on-one time with Ann brought her comfort and confidence that our school might very well be the place for her! 

She finished her tour by meeting with the Allied Health Director and the Externship Coordinator.  Together, we talked about so many things – including her current job frustrations, her personal and professional goals, and her general hopes and dreams.  Ebony is a bright woman, and we will be blessed to have her as a part of our student body. 

I met with Ann afterwards to thank her and hug her for going the extra mile…and do you know what?  She indicated that what she did was natural, and genuinely just the right thing to do.  She enjoyed spending time with Ebony and her niece; she had no desire for glory or praise, she was just doing what she would want anyone else to do for her.

I believe that Ann was impacted both by her own selflessness, good character, AND yesterday’s seminar.  She naturally, and without thought, took the time to treat a stranger with care.  Thank you for setting up this opportunity for the faculty and staff of Lincoln College.

If your school could use a great story like this as well as the great students and increased retention that academic customer service DOES generate, just get in touch with us and ask how we might help your school achieve even more greatness, enrollment and the revenue that comes with it. Just click here and ask. 

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