Monday, March 14, 2016

Survey on How Well Colleges Treat Students

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National Survey to Study How Well Colleges Treat Students

Just how well colleges and universities actually treat students is the question a new national survey study by The Educational Policy Institute and Dr. Neal Raisman proposes to answer. We all say for example that we treat our students with individual attention and great service but no one has ever tried to determine just how well we actually fulfill our promises. This survey/study will do that if enough people participate.

The service to students survey can be accessed by clicking on the link It efficiently gauges the level of academic customer service provided by identifying behaviors and situations on our campuses as experienced by students. The survey has been field tested on both four and two-year college and university campuses and has shown a positive reliability.

Raisman is the recognized expert on academic customer service after developing the field of study through five books and over 100 articles on the subject. He also has applied his measurement and corrective techniques to improve service to students and staff at over 400 colleges and universities in the US, Canada and Europe. His last national study The Cost of College Attrition at Four-Year Colleges & Universities published by the Educational Policy Institute calculated the amount of revenue lost due to attrition in over 6,000 schools. It also provided schools a set of formulas they could use for ongoing calculations of how much money is lost due to attrition.

Now we need you to complete the survey and ask you to send it on to others on your campus. It will only take five to ten minutes of your time and the results will be extremely helpful. The results of the study will be published and made available through the Education Policy institute which is co-sponsoring the study..
Please click, complete the survey and pass it on to others in higher education for them to complete.

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