Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Get Published!!

We are into some tough days ahead. Revenues and support are being hit hard by the economic freefall. The times are demanding that we all focus more on retention so we can retain some dollars in our budgets.

So using the two heads are better than one so many heads must be even better, I want to turn the blog over to you. It is time for you to get published and for your college, university or career college to be recognized for what it is doing to help itself.

Write about the retention efforts at your school. The problems these efforts face and the success you and your colleagues have achieved. What are you doing to increase the numbers and success of students so they stay?

What works? What doesn’t?

Special populations, the issues they bring and how to serve them?

Are there any specific issues we can all try to help you and your school solve?

What are the issues/concerns students/faculty/administrators and staff are sharing/ How is the college addressing them?

Got a program that works well? Brag a little!

To make it all even more fun, we will publish your replies and then open them up to others to elaborate or comment. Use a little crowdsourcing.

So let’s hear from you. GET PUBLISHED

“We had hoped we’d improve our retention by 3% but with the help of Dr. Raisman, we increased it by 5%.” Rachel Albert, Provost, University of Maine-Farmington

“Neal led a retreat that initiated customer service and retention as a real focus for us and gave us a clear plan. Then he followed up with presentations and workshops that kicked us all into high gear. We recommend with no reservations; just success.” Susan Mesheau, Executive Director U First: Integrated Recruitment & Retention University of New Brunswick

“Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop at Lincoln Technical Institute. It served to re-center ideas in a great way. I perceived it to be a morale booster, breath of fresh air, and a burst of passion.” Shelly S, Lincoln Technical Institute

AcademicMAPS has been providing customer service, retention, enrollment and research training and solutions to colleges, universities and career colleges in the US, Canada, and Europe as well as to businesses that seek to work with them since 1999. Clients range from small rural schools to major urban universities and corporations. Its services range from campus customer service audits, workshops, training, presentations, institutional studies and surveys to research on customer service and retention. AcademicMAPS prides itself on its record of success for its clients and students who are aided through the firm’s services. www.GreatServiceMatters.com

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