Friday, November 21, 2008

Slides for Free Retention Audio Seminar

These slides are to accompany the Monday Nov. 24 2:00 EST on-line audio seminar 20 Complimentary Minutes to Increase Retention over Thanksgiving. The audio seminar is sponsored by The Administrators Bookshelf to provider a service and of course let people find out about them and my new book The Power of Retention: More Customer Service for Higher Education.

Thanksgiving is a period during which many students complete their decision to stay or leave your school. Most powerfully, if they are not sure they fit or that the college cares, the comfort of gathering with family and friends will exacerbate any questions of do I want to go back next semester? They are among family and friends where any discomfort, apprehension or concern about your school can be magnified. They compare their feelings to those of friends who say they love their college. Too often, you lose.

Too often, you lose.

But there are some easy, quick and compelling how-to’s Dr. Raisman will share that can help you and your school make students come back from Thanksgiving feeling valued and re-assured they made the right enrollment choice.

Presenter: Dr. Neal A. Raisman, President of AcademicMAPS and author of The Power of Retention, recognized internationally as the leader in retention and customer service research and training.

Recommended for anyone interested in retention and students including presidents, chancellors, campus directors, provosts, budget directors, student service, enrollment management, admissions, start directors, student life, and others who may be affected by reductions in budgets due to attrition.

Q+A: Following the 20 minute presentation there will be an open-ended Q+A session to address issues from the presentation and any other retention or academic customer service issues you may have.

At the end of the presentation, there will be information on obtaining a discount copy of Dr. Raisman’s new best seller The Power of Retention.

Additional slides that can ad to the general understanding of academic customer service are available on my LinkedIn page. Please click here and join my network and the Administrators Bookshelf group.

“We had hoped we’d improve our retention by 3% but with the help of Dr. Raisman, we increased it by 5%.” Rachel Albert, Provost, University of Maine-Farmington

“Neal led a retreat that initiated customer service and retention as a real focus for us and gave us a clear plan. Then he followed up with presentations and workshops that kicked us all into high gear. We recommend with no reservations; just success.” Susan Mesheau, Executive Director U First: Integrated Recruitment & Retention University of New Brunswick

“Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop at Lincoln Technical Institute. It served to re-center ideas in a great way. I perceived it to be a morale booster, breath of fresh air, and a burst of passion.” Shelly S, Lincoln Technical Institute

AcademicMAPS has been providing customer service, retention, enrollment and research training and solutions to colleges, universities and career colleges in the US, Canada, and Europe as well as to businesses that seek to work with them since 1999. Clients range from small rural schools to major urban universities and corporations. Its services range from campus customer service audits, workshops, training, presentations, institutional studies and surveys to research on customer service and retention. AcademicMAPS prides itself on its record of success for its clients and students who are aided through the firm’s services. CALL OR EMAIL TODAY TO SEE HOW WE CAN HELP INCREASE YOUR SCHOOL'S RETENTION


Anonymous said...

Wow, free slides! How generous of you. Until this point, the only media from any of your alleged presentations that I've been able to find have been audio files. And these audio files were on sale for a ridiculous price--somewhere in the neighborhood of $250, if memory recalls!

So, would you care to answer any of the multitude of questions that I've asked you throughout the past couple of weeks? Here's another: why do you not post my comments? Is it cowardice?

service audio said...

Blog is really informative and entertainng same time. I appriciate.

Neal Raisman - NRaisman & Associates said...

No Jack. It is simply to try and avoid bringing you further embarrassment. You really do need to consider how you sound in your comments and what the image is that you project through the rants. It is not flattering.