Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Dog Has His Day and MBA

This is not a shaggy dog story but on too doggone good to avoid. Check out the tale of Chester who just received his MBA. Yup! This dog could hunt. Click here to see. You'll want to pass it on. It is on a good blog named which focuses on on-line schools. It has a great service to help identify real from phony schools too. Good people.

BTW, if you went to watch the video clip on engagement and weren't able to get it, sorry but the server was overloaded with requests. Jerry was none too pleased. But it is still available for downloading and sharing by clicking here to get the clip and information on it. And comments are indeed welcome.

BTW, will be heading the Canine Studies Department at Mammon University. IT has just realized that there are thousands of dogs out there that may have completed a discipline training program but could use an MBA (Masters of Bone Accumulation) too. Mammon has always been looking for new courses to offer to increase its enrollment whether or not there is a reason or purpose for the course or program. It is in keeping with Mammon's mission and school motto Omnes Por Pecunia so it's okay. Besides, revenue is down and the school is getting concerned that it might fall out of the fifth percentile rank it was given by US Whorl Report. (Uhhh, no typo this time)

Sorry for missing last week. Retention has become an issue 6that is getting attention lately so I have been going every which way and place. The few weeks while I was in New Jersey, Vermont, Canada, Ohio, California, Florida, New York and Texas without a break. Love to spread the word and do audits to help schools increase retention through customer service but it takes a toll on the ability to write. I am also dealing with the anniversary of my son's death so that takes an even greater toll but neing asked to help others helps me too.

In any case, new piece will be out by Tuesday so please look for it. Thanks

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