Monday, September 14, 2009

Engagement in Academic Customer Service - A Clip from a Presentation

It’s been a few weeks of almost non-stop traveling and requests from schools about customer service for retention audits and presentations/workshops. Many ask for a sample of my presentation style. Fair enough. And if it's fair for them why not for others?

As the year begins, one of the issues schools have to get thinking about is engaging their students. Now that they are here. You all did a pretty good job, some excellent work of engaging potential students quite well. Some of you worked at
stitching them in so they would show and you could have a good true yield rate.

Bottom line,

you worked hard to get them now you just need to keep them.

And that takes some work too but not as much as it was to first sell them the school. Not even a third. Nah, not even a tenth. Just need to engage them through academic customer service.

So, to help you start engaging students better and you can all get a chance to see what a retention customer service presentation is like, I have attached a link to a section from a longer workshop./ The workshop was at Northeastern Illinois University. This is a very important university serving the population of the future. Our demographic future and our nation’s future.

Right and….HEY…retention equals revenue but because it wants to meet its real mission. Providing students the opportunity to learn, obtain training needed for a career so the can better their lives. And in so doing, the lives of their families and our nation.

Thanks to you NEIU or other similar colleges, career school and universities.

To see the clip, just click here. The clip is on academic customer service and engagement in an academic environment. It also discusses how academic customer service is different from retail customer service.

It may take a moment or two to load depending on your processor and the other technical stuff. It’s an MP4 so it should play on any media browser and can be loaded to you Ipod or player/phone. Feel free to share it.

I am using a service that has an excellent product . We can only hope it works to strengthen its own customer service just a bit more. But the service is great. allows users to upload and send or store large documents easily and quickly. Up to 100 MB documents are sent free too. Oh yes, I received no gratuity or money for saying they are good. Just a customer service to let you know.

Neal Raisman has been the leader in academic customer service solutions for increasing retention, enrollment and revenue in colleges since 1999. His presentations are much sought after since they are targeted on the individual school and its needs. Raisman has spoken at over 260 individual colleges, universities, career schools and conferences in the US, Canada and Europe. He has developed a reputation for talks that are lively, funny and extremely helpful to institutions, groups and businesses looking for help on increasing retention, student and community satisfaction. And they have helped schools increase retention starting the same day.

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