Wednesday, June 22, 2011

help needed to develop customer service survey tool

We are starting a major project around quality dimensions and critical incidents as perceived by student to put together a survey instrument to measure academic customer service at colleges and universities. Quality dimensions are the judgments they make about particular services as in two pieces I posted recently.  (Quality Indicators of Faculty and Quality Indicators of Everyone) Critical incidents are the actual experiences with various parts of the school such as in different service offices, faculty, the campus etc.

We are planning to build a tool that could tell a school its academic customer service quotients and pinpoint spots needing attention all in the one tool. That is a survey tool that will help schools understand there strong and less strong service providers as well as  a total customer service score for major offices and services as well as the institution.

To do this we need to talk to a thousand students to ask them about their perceptions and evaluation concepts of customer service in every area of the college or university.

We need your assistance in steering students to us for us to interview by phone. The interview would take about thirty minutes. To help entice students into doing the interviews with us, we will be raffling away a $100 Amazon gift card through a random drawing of those who participate.  

If you can let students know we are doing this, it would be very helpful. Just have students contact us at with name, school, a telephone number for us to call and an email address so we can set up the time and date for the interview. We will contact them and they will be entered in the drawing after the interview.

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