Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quality Indicators of Everyone

While rewriting and expanding the report on the quality indicators of facultymembers, I had a light bulb moment which for me with my brain right now is about a twenty watt affair.

As I looked at the three primary quality indicators we developed for faculty from our interviews with students, it became obvious that the indicators applied not only to faculty in the classroom but with a little twist, everyone in a college.  

Here are the three primary quality indicators by which students  the customers) judge service providers (us) and the service provider itself (the college). Twists on original included
Professionalism (includes completeness) –the degree to which the professor shows expertise of knowledge and professional teaching ability/style
            “knows the his area and the college”
            “controls the situation”
            ‘doesn’t just send me on to somewhere else”
            “can answer student questions about the issue I am dealing with”
            “show confidence in her work and service”
Responsiveness (includes timeliness and availability) the degree to which the professor responds to student learning needs and their personal needs
            “responds to my needs and helps me understand what I have to do”
            “answers my questions in less than a minute”
            “recognizes and welcomes me when I enter his area”
            “is available in the office”
“makes sure I understand what I need to do and have no questions”
“returns my emails and phone calls
“responds to my issue and makes sure it is resolved”
Empathy (includes pleasantness/approachability) – the degree to which the professor connects with students and displays a friendliness toward students
            “cares about me and shows it”
“understands what it is like to be a student”…
             “feel I can approach for help”,
“is available”
             “makes me feel comfortable in her area or office”
             “welcomes me and is friendly”
             “helping style shows an openness to students”…

Every student wants professionalism, responsiveness and empathy from service providers – us.  Every student wants professional service that is quickly and done with a concern for the student as a person.

So three qualities we all must strive for is to be professional which means we know what we3 do and what other offices do to help students. We must also be responsive to students so when they enter our area we stop what we are doing, help them and make sure we have responded to the correct question or issue the student has. And we must empathize with students. We need to look at the student and use the basic modified Hillel rule do unto the student as you would have done for your son, daughter, father or mother.

What do you think? Did I more or less hit it? Or not?

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